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Truck Lift Gate for Cupola Delivery

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Country Weathervanes pays for "curbside" delivery of all cupolas -- meaning the truck driver will try to put the rear of his truck near the end of your driveway at the curb.  He will not carry or move your cupola any closer to the house.  Cupolas that are 36" or larger will be delivered by a large 18-wheel truck.   If the driver can't get his truck close enough to your driveway because of obstacles -or- you live in a residential neighborhood that prevents the driver from safely maneuvering a large truck, you will need to add a "lift gate" to your order.  Otherwise, if the driver cannot get to your delivery location, you will have to pay in cash whatever the trucking company charges you to return to their warehouse, move the cupola to a smaller truck with a lift gate and bring the cupola back to your home.  This is not something Country Weathervanes pays for and the charges would have to come out of your pocket.   That's why we recommend paying the extra $60 for a lift gate ahead of time if you ordered a 36" or larger cupola.

A "lift gate" is the mechanical platform on the rear of smaller trucks that allows a heavy item to be lowered from the truck to the ground (see photo above).

The truck driver "should" call you to arrange for a delivery time.   When the truck arrives, please make sure you have sufficient manpower to unload the cupola.  The driver is not obligated to help you (although sometimes they will).  

Adding a lift gate to your order will make things a lot easier if you don't have enough manpower to get your cupola off the truck.  The Lift gate option informs the trucking company to send a smaller truck that has a lift gate on the rear.  Not all trucks have this feature so it has to be specified at the time you place your cupola order. Or, within one day of placing your order.

If you would rather not pay for a lift gate, your other option is having the cupola delivered to a commercial location which is accessible to a large 18-wheel truck.  Or have enough manpower to climb into the truck, cut the straps holding the cupola to the palette, and then handing each section (roof, middle, base) down to someone on the ground.  Our 36" and larger cupolas are shipped on a wood palette, in three sections.

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