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Dalton Estate Series Cupola - Western Cedar

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Product Description

The Dalton Western Cedar cupola is a perfect addition to any home, so why not make it yours? With its magnificent arches and dazzling copper roof, the Dalton Western Cedar transforms any home into a castle with one easy installation. Its louvered windows make it ideal for ventilating humid air from the attic, making it a functional beauty. If you do use it for ventilation, 120mph.pngadd the optional screening to ensure insects stay outside where they belong.The cupola comes with a smooth flatboard base.  Or, you can choose our optional clapboard base, allowing you to personalize the cupola for your architectural style.

Western cedar cupolas are topped with 16-ounce, 24-gauge copper and come in three sections for easy installation instructions and delivery.

Western Cedar cupolas are ready for applying a clear, weather-resistant coating or stain. All of our cupolas are weathervane-ready.

The correct cupola size is derived by measuring the roof's ridge. Click on the "Cupola Size Help" button below to help determine the correct size for your home, garage, barn or other building.

Cupolas are made for a normal 10/12 roof pitch.   For steeper roofs, you can add a Cupola Base Extension.

Please note:  If you order a cupola 36" or larger, we suggest you add the truck Lift gate option to your order.  A Lift Gate means the delivery truck will have a mechanical floor at the rear of the truck for lowering your cupola to the ground. All of our Royal Crowne cupolas come in several sizes.  Cupola dimensions, including weight, click on this Link.

Choosing cupola size installingcupola.gif other-options.gif Important truck delivery information

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 Cupola Installation

This video show exactly how to install one of our new Royal Crowne cupolas.


 Royal Crowne Cupolas

You can see where and how our Royal Crowne cupolas are made by three generations of Amish craftsmen.  These are the finest cupolas made in America.

Warranty Information

One Year

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