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Large Horse weathervane on home 

Thank you for making and helping us select such a first class
product as the extra large horse weathervane.  We are almost finished with our
new home.  It is weathering beautifully and is a fantastic
product.  So thrilled. - Pam L.


Three Geese Weathervane - Mary Ann B. says "Love my geese...they are headed for the lake"


Laurie M purchased an American Flag weathervane from us says "We love it!!!"


Sailboat Weathervane - Janet and Don S. say "We were just commenting the other day how much we love our weathervane. It is mounted on our playhouse, where it can be seen from the house"

williamson-1.jpg williamson-2.jpg

Some people see signs of butterflies, dragonflies or pennies, after a loved one passes. We saw a heron. After my father-in-law had past away, my mother-in-law was frequented by a large blue heron quite often. We all said that it was a sign from dad. So when my husband and I moved into our new home, we chose the "Heron" weathervane in memory of his dad (and later, his mom)

Our weathervane is well made and can certainly handle our New England weather. It also adds a distinguished look to our cupola and home. We love it!

Lisa and Peter W


  Horse Weathervane on barn - Cyrie O says "we love it"


Royal Crowne Bethany cupola adds to the spectacular view at the Robert S. estate.

Nice house with cupola

Royal Crowne Norwood Cupola - Dan P. says " The cupola made all a huge impact.  We also installed lights inside so it offers an impressive night time element.  Thanks, DP"

finial on cupola

Smithsonian Single Globe Finial looks great on Shari C's cupola.

cupola on barn

Royal Crowne Ellsworth cupola on a barn really adds to the architectural strength of the building - thanks Pete S.


cupola on garage

horse on cupola snow



Royal Crowne Carlisle Cupola with Running Horse weathervane on garage - the cupola glows with warmth as evening approaches.  Cold weather moves into New York, and the roof of Tom and Jack's Catskill Mountain Country House is blanketed with snow.  Tom says "we love it".

eagle on cupola

A Smithsonian Eagle Weathervane stands proudly on this cupola.


Dog weathervane on a Farmington Cupola.

        purple martin bird house

Purple Martin Bird House - Wayne F. says "A dreary day, but brightened by my Country Weathervanes Martin house"


Louvered cupola with a copper roof makes this nice shed look even nicer! - thanks Bob L. for the photo.



Flying Duck Weathervane


Dog Weathervane on the roof of a marina


We finally got our roof done and the cupola installed.  I wanted to send you a picture. We love it and the roofers loved it also.  Thanks for your good service and products.  - Sue

rooster on cupola

John, in Bedford Virginia, sent us this photo of the 27" polished rooster he installed on a cupola.  Gorgeous!

shotgun weathervane 2shotgun weathervane 1

Thanks to Gary in Wappinger Falls NY  for these great photos of his Shotgun Weathervane!

heron weathervane in ontariio

Wendy and Bruce of Ontario Canada write:  "Here is a picture of our weathervane. WE LOVE IT !!   It matches the Herons that fly over every day."


Peter sent us the this photo of his golfer weather vane on the pro shop.


Melissa in New Jersey sent us this beautiful photograph of her Shotgun Weather vane. She says, "We love it and get a lot of compliments on it."


Nancy says, "Our Golfer looks great on our back deck.  I bought it as a birthday gift for my husband, and he thinks it's great!"


If you look closely, you can just make out the weathervane on top of the gazebo!


"Just wanted to share the photos of the Blue Heron weather vane after he was installed on our new home.  We love it! "  Thanks. Dana Lewis

 Blue heron weather vane

"My husband and I love our Blue Heron weather vane....turned out excellent."  Thanks - Dan and Laura

 Pine Tree weather vane

Thanks to Carolyn in Lakeville MN for these wonderful photos of her Pine Trees weather vane.


Kerry G. sent us the lovely photo of a horse weathervane on her gazebo.



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