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** Cupola Options

Options for your Royal Crowne cupola includes:

  • Clapboard base
  • Cutting the roof pitch
  • Painting the cupola
  • Screening a louvered cupola
  • Adding stained glass windows
  • Adding a base extension.
  • Cutting the roof pitch in the baseRush Shipping
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  • Stained glass windows option
    Stained Glass Cupola Windows
    All of our Royal Crowne cupolas with windows, come with clear panes of glass, but we also offer optional stained glass windows in Red, Blue and Green.  Some folks also add a light fixture inside their cupola...

  • Cupola painting
    Cupola Painting
    We'll paint your cupola for you, using a high quality paint for either a wood or vinyl cupola. First, select the size of your cupola.  Second, select the color you would like your cupola to be painted. Choose any of...

  • Clapboard cupola base
    Clapboard Base Option
    Clapboard base option for any of our Royal Crowne Signature, Estate or Select Series cupolas.  Instead of a standard smooth board, you can add the optional clapboard base instead.  Available for cupolas made...

  • Cupola Base Extensions
    Cupola Base Extensions
    Cupolas come in three sections, Roof, Middle and Base. The "base" is the bottom section of a cupola.  If your roof is steeper than a standard 10/12 pitched roof, it may be necessary to add an "extension"...

  • Cut out of base section
    Cupola Base Cutout
    If you'd like, we can pre-cut the base of your Royal Crowne cupola for you.  You just need to tell us what the pitch of your roof is -or- the angle you need cut on two sides.  The roof "pitch" is a term used to...

  • Screening for cupolas
    Cupola Screening
    Add screening to your louvered cupola to help keep out the insects.

  • Truck Lift Gate
    Truck Lift Gate for Cupola Delivery
    Country Weathervanes pays for "curbside" delivery of all cupolas -- meaning the truck driver will try to put the rear of his truck near the end of your driveway at the curb.  He will not carry or move your cupola any...

  • 11" extension weathervane rod
    11" Steel Extension Rod
    This 11" powder-coated steel extension rod is needed to lift a Good Directions weather vane above the top of any of any 30" square or larger cupolas.  Any number of rods can be added for whatever length is needed to...

  • 11" brass weathervane extension rod
    11" Brass Extension Rod
    This 11" brass extension rod is needed to lift a Good Directions weather vane above the top of any of our 30" square or larger cupolas. Any number of rods can be added for whatever length is needed to reach the mounting...

  • Lantern mount for inside cupola
    Cupola Lantern mount
    Add a lantern mount to your cupola order.  This mount will hold any lantern light with a standard 3" post (available at local home improvement stores).  (Lantern not included)   Or just add a porcelain...

  • RUSH My Cupola!
    RUSH My Cupola!
    Need your cupola sooner? Country Weathervanes offers a "RUSH shipping" option for all of our Royal Crowne cupolas. "RUSH" simply means that your order is moved to the top of the shipping schedule.  So instead of...