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Cupola Base Cutout

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If you'd like, we can pre-cut the base of your Royal Crowne cupola for you.  You just need to tell us what the pitch of your roof is -or- the angle you need cut on two sides.  The roof "pitch" is a term used to designate the steepness of your roof. 

If you're a little hesitant about cutting the base section yourself, we can do it for you.  Just make sure to select the correct roof pitch at the roof's ridge.  We can't be responsible for a bad cut if you don't give us the right measurement.  Below is an example of how you can find what "pitch" your roof has:

Make sure you lay a carpenter's level across the top of the square when doing this and then look to see how many vertical inches there are.  The example below shows a 10/12 pitched roof, which means there are 10 vertical inches of rise in 12 horizontal inches from the roof.

Please note that if your roof pitch is steeper than 10/12, you will need to also add an extension to the base section, here.

The base cut will look something like this (depending on your cupola style) on two sides of your cupola's base section.


Roof pitch cut into cupola Base Section


Figuring out your roof's "pitch"


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