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What weathervane are you?

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What kind of weathervane?

A weathervane is more than a decorative way to tell which way the wind is blowing. It's an extension of you, of your likes and personality. And what better way to broadcast your individuality than flying it proudly above the rooftop, for all the world to see? Proud of your American heritage? Why not display a patriotic flag or American eagle weathervane on your home, barn or shed? Avid outdoorsman? How about a bass or bear weathervane? Yearning for speed? A racing sloop or classic motorcyle could fit the bill. From dancers to deer, and firemen to flying pigs, we have hundreds of beautifully crafted, polished and antiqued copper weathervanes ready to make the perfect complement to your home or shed.

Living in Florida, we chose a graceful blue heron weathervane for our cupola on top of the roof, and not a day goes by that I don't enjoy gazing at it from the yard or driveway. It's especially amusing on windy days, when it flits east and west, north and south depending on the wind's direction. We have weathervanes to fit any budget, too, with prices starting at less than $35.

Give you personality a bird's-eye-view today with a unique copper weathervane from www.countryweathervanes.com. Your country -- or maybe the fireman next door -- will thank you.

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