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Weathervanes at Country Weathervanes are handcrafted by skilled artisans

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Weathervanes are made in a variety of ways.  Most of the full size weathervanes we offer are made of copper and handmade into a figure that rotates showing which way the wind is coming from.  The copper is either polished to a shiny finish, or it is given a special coating like "Blue Verde" or an "Antiqued" finish.  The Blue Verde is a hand rubbed on finish that gives the copper weathervane a blueish green appearance.  The Antiqued finish is attained by applying a chemical that causes a the copper to look like it has been weathered by years of exposure to the elements.  I always refer to the Statue of Liberty's color as an example of how copper will naturally age over many years.  This greenish color is called a "patina" and all copper will eventually age the same way after many years of exposure to rain, sun and even pollution in the air.   If you want that aged appearance, then selecting either the Blue Verde or Antiqued finishes will be your best choice.

If you buy a polished copper weathervane, you can slow down the natural aging process by applying a coating of high-quality clear lacquer to the copper.  But, like any paint product, it will eventually succumb to the weather and the copper will begin to tarnish and  age.

Other weathervanes we offer are made of cast aluminum and then handpainted with colorful weather-resistant paint.  

Weathervanes at Country Weathervanes™

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