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Patriotic weathervanes are all the rage

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Patriotic weathervanes

With Memorial Day just behind us and the Fourth of July fast approaching, patriotic weathervanes are flying off the shelves here at Country Weathervanes. From flags to eagles, we have a big selection of patriotic vanes and the best prices on the web. You can fly Old Glory year-round, without having to replace tattered flags, with our stunning copper and painted flag weathervanes, which will soar high above your roof for a lifetime of worry-free maintenance. Imagine the pride you'll have as you fly this unique flag for all the neighbors to see.

We also offer six varieties of eagle weathervanes, including the majestic American Eagle weathervane, which depicts our national animal and treasure, the American bald eagle. This weathervane captures the power and elegance of the bald eagle, which was once an endangered species but has since thrived because of federal protection laws. Every detail of this majestic bird is included in the vane, from the intricate feather patterns to the wide eyes and talons. Just as in real life, this beautiful bird will change course with the breeze, soaring majestically above your rooftop as the wind shifts. Show your love of America with your very own patriotic weathervane, and your neighbors might reciprocate with their own heartfelt salute!

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