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How to Choose the Right Size Cupola

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Cupola Sizing

OK, so you've decided to spruce up your home with a beautiful cupola. How do you know what size to order?

It's really easy. No, really. Easy. Just remember that cupola "size" refers to the measurement across the bottom of the cupola's roof. A good rule of thumb for selecting the right size cupola is to multiply 1.25 by each foot of unbroken roof line -- the key is the unbroken roof-line measurement. An "unbroken roof line" means there are no major objects (like a chimney) or hips or dips in the ridge line of the roof. So, if your entire roof is 50 feet long, but a hip or dip in the ridge line means the unbroken section is only 25 feet, you would use the 25-foot figure to choose a cupola that would go between the hip and the end of the unbroken section.

Our experience tels us this formula provides the perfect balance between the cupola and the roof line of the structure. If the cupola is too small, it will look like a birdhouse. In fact, we recommend going one size larger if there is significant height to the structure, or an adjoining building. You want your gorgeous home improvement to stand out!

For example, let's say you have 24 feet of unbroken roof line. Just multiply 1.25 by 24 to give you the minimum cupola size that would look good on your roof. In this example you would need a 30-inch-square cupola (1.25 X 24 = 30). If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask our cupola professionals. We want to make sure your cupola looks just right!

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