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Definition of a cupola, plus an explanation of materials used to make a cupola

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So, what is a cupola anyway?  Well, you can see what they look like below.  At Country Weathervanes™ we offer Cupolas in all kinds of styles and sizes to match your home, garage, gazebo, barn or other structure.  Cupolas are also made from a variety of materials.

Vinyl cupolas (like the one above) are very popular because they are virtually maintenance free. They resist rot and mildew and don't even need to be painted, although you can paint one of you'd like to.

Wood cupolas can be made from materials like Northern White Pine, Western Cedar or Cypress. The pine and cypress cupolas need a couple coats of paint to protect them. The Western Cedar cupolas can be painted, or just left to age naturally.

Copper cupolas are obviously made of copper. A copper cupola has either a wood or vinyl frame and is clad with a copper sheeting exterior.   Like any copper, it may start out like a new penny, but it will age over the years and slowly acquire a "patina" (a greenish color similar to the Statue of Liberty).

Most of our cupolas come with a copper roof.   The copper is very high quality and matches the design of the cupola.   Copper is a soft metal, but it won't rust or deteriorate over time.   Copper may start out shiny, but it will start to tarnish shortly after being exposed to the rain and sun.   After a number of years, copper will acquire a greenish patina, giving it character and enhancing it's natural beauty.

All of the cupolas we sell at Country Weathervanes™ come in three sections making it easier to handle and install.   There's the base section that attaches to the roof, then there's the middle section with windows or louvers, and finally there's the top section (the roof) which slides over the middle section. 

Cupolas not only add a beautiful architectural enhancement to your home, they can be used to provide roof ventilation too.  I'll talk about cupola ventilation and roof pitch in my next post.   Enjoy!

David Lane
Country Weathervanes®