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Cupola installation and Cupola instructions

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Several years ago my wife and I decided that a cupola would look nice on our home so we purchased one and installed it ourselves.  We also added a Blue Heron weathervane and love the way it added to the look (and value) of our home.  To figure out what size cupola would look best, we used the standard formula: unbroken roof line dimension times 1.5.   "Unbroken roof line" means that there are no interruptions along the roof line, like chimney's or where the roof drops down or turns.  In our case, we decided to mount the cupola on the center section of our split gabled roof.  We measured from one end of that section of roof to the other end and had about 24 feet of "unbroken roof line".  Using the formula, 24'  x  1.5  =  36, we knew that a 36" square cupola would be proportional to our roof.

Installing the copper Blue Heron weathervane to the cupola's roof. The cupola rod (below the bottom copper ball) goes through a 3/4" hole in the cupola's roof and down to a mounting bracket inside the cupola's roof section.  All of our cupolas come with the pre-drilled hole in the roof and the inside mounting bracket.

The Good Directions video below, shows the entire process of adding a cupola and weathervane to your home.  It's a fairly easy Do-it-Yourself job that only took us about two hours to complete, including painting the cupola.

Installing cupola and weathervane demo by Good Directions

So, if you've been thinking about adding a cupola to your home, or you wondered just how it's done, I hope this information helps you with your decision.  As always, if you have any questions or need more information, please contact us at  admin@countryweathervanes.com   We offer free shipping on all of our cupolas at www.countryweathervanes.com


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