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Check out our stellar reviews from buyers of weathervanes and cupolas!

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At www.countryweathervanes.com, we pride ourselves on the number and quality of reviews we receive from satisfied buyers of our handcrafted cupolas and weathervanes. Check out our most recent reviews here and you'll discover why we're the leading purveyor of quality cupolas, weathervanes, finials and birdhouses. We also get lots of photos from customers delighted with their new purchases. Feel free to peruse the photos here, and you might just get a good idea for your own roof or yard.  At the bottom of the page there's also a link where you can send us a photo of your weathervane or cupola at admin@countryweathervanes.com.

Once you buy something from www.countryweathervanes, you’ll get an email asking you to review the product. We ask because reviews help other customers make good choices, and we certainly appreciate it when you take a minute out of your busy day to tell us about your new addition. Feel free to include your name and any comments you’d like to add about your purchase, and we use only first names to identify buyers. After more than 10 years in the business, we've found that customers are eager to share their new treasures with others almost as much as their own family and friends, so join our nationwide community of buyers and share your story today.

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