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You've seen cupolas, but do you really know what a cupola is? Here's a little background info about cupolas

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Cupolas of all Styles for Sale at Country Cupolas

For a relatively inexpensive way to add beauty and functionality to your home, why not consider a cupola from one of our world-class construction firms?  Cupolas, pronounced "CUE-po-luhs," are the small architectural domes that have been used throughout history to enhance museums, churches, castles and ordinary homes like yours. Not only do they add instant beauty and curb appeal to a building, but the cupolas with louvers can be used to ventilate moist air from a building's upper reaches, blocking the growth of harmful mold and mildew. You can also add screening to a cupola that's used for ventilation to prevent insects from getting inside.

Whenever I think of famous cupolas, I always think of the ones at Churchill Downs in Louisville, where the famous Kentucky Derby is held each May. There's something about these fascinating structures that instantly transform a building from mundane to magnificent, and you can even paint yours to match your home's exterior. When we put one on our home, we added a blue heron weathervane for even more panache.  My wife and I did the installation ourselves in one afternoon, and we've been enjoying the beautiful view ever since. Since a cupola goes on top of your roof, it's visible for blocks away and adds a little height to your home -- something you can't say about most of the home improvements you make.

If you're in a coastal area, we're happy to say many of our cupolas are rated to withstand 120-mph winds.  Just look for the special symbol on our Royal Crowne cupolas.  So go ahead, and dare to stand out in the neighborhood. You won't regret it.