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Are you shopping for the best price?

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We all do it.....shop around for the best price.  We know that, and want to make sure you're aware of something that makes Country Weathervanes the absolute best place to buy your new cupola.

Although many stores show you a low price up front, when you click on the "Buy" button, you're going to be shocked to see how much they add for shipping and handling fees!   You thought you found a good price for a cupola, but then they add $100, $200, $300 or more to your total for shipping and handling fees - suddenly that great price, isn't so great.

At Country Weathervanes, we give you FREE SHIPPING on ALL of our cupolas!   So, there won't be any surprises when you're ready to pay.  The price you see on our product page is going to be the price you pay.  And not a penny more.

So go ahead and comparison shop, but remember those other stores have shipping and freight costs that will add up to a lot more than what you will pay right here at Country Weathervanes.  

Thank you for your business!

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