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Vinyl Cupolas

We have AZEK vinyl cupolas for sale that are extremely durable, weather resistant and virtually maintenance free.  They're also weathervane ready with a mounting bracket inside the cupola for mounting a weathervane! Most of our Vinyl cupolas come with a freecupolashipping.gifcopper roof, and some models offer you the choice of a copper roof or a wood roof (ready for shingles).

120mphwindsmall.gifVinyl Cupolas made of high quality AZEK vinyl don't need painting, but you can paint the vinyl exterior with a quality latex paint if desired.These cupolas will fit a roof up to a 10/12 pitch. 

Most vinyl cupolas are weathervane ready with a mounting bracket inside the cupola.  Find out what size cupola will fit your roof by going to ourcupolasizesmall.gif page.

18" - 24" Cupolas are shipped via UPS & 30" - 72" Cupolas are shipped via Motor Freight Trucking
18" - 36" cupolas are generally shipped in 1-2 weeks and 42" - 72" in 2-3 weeks.

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  • Alexander Signature Vinyl Cupola
    Alexander Signature Cupola
    The elegant Alexander Signature Cupola by Ridge Craft is the perfect choice if you want to set your home apart from the rest. The Signature series of cupolas are stylish, functional and capped with a gleaming copper...
  • Bethany Estate Series Vinyl Cupola
    Bethany Estate Series Cupola
    Make a simple but elegant statement atop your roof with this Bethany Estate Series cupola, handcrafted by three generations of Amish in Lancaster County, Pa. Complete with beautiful, airy windows on each side,...
  • Carlisle Select Series Cupola
    Carlisle Select Series Cupola
    A Carlisle Select Series cupola will announce to the world, your exquisite taste in architecture.  The Carlisle cupola is a beautiful addition to any home or garage with its airy windowed sides and gorgeous copper...
  • Dalton Estate Series Vinyl Cupola
    Dalton Estate Series Cupola
    The beautiful Dalton Estate Series cupola will make your home the envy of the neighborhood with its sturdy white vinyl exterior and dazzling copper roof that's sure to evoke plenty of "oohs" and "aahs" from the...
  • Danbury Signature Cupola
    Danbury Signature Cupola
    The Danbury Signature Vinyl Cupola is the pinnacle of beauty and quality, with its rich architectural details, unique octagonal shape and dazzling copper top. Hand-crafted by three generations of Amish artisans, the Royal...
  • Ellsworth Select Series Vinyl Cupola
    Ellsworth Select Series Cupola
    The Ellsworth Select Series cupola has a distinctive look that's sure to turn heads, with its dazzling white vinyl exterior and either a shiny copper roof or a wood roof ready for shingles. The Ellsworth features...
  • Fairfield Signature Vinyl Cupola
    Fairfield Signature Cupola
    The Fairfield cupola is the cream of the crop and you can't find a more elegant cupola than the Royal Crowne Signature line by Ridge Craft. With its rich architectural details and extraordinary attention to detail, this...
  • Greenfield Signature Vinyl Cupola
    Greenfield Signature Cupola
    The Greenfield Cupola is an elegant cupola that's both beautiful and functional and built just for you by three generations of Amish craftsmen in Pennsylvania. With its offset block pattern at the top and intricate...
  • Hamlin Select Series Cupola
    Hamlin Select Series Cupola
    The Hamlin Select Series cupola by Royal Crowne makes a simple yet elegant statement on your rooftop, that is sure to please both your exquisite tastes and your wallet. In addition to its symmetrical louvers,...
  • Jamesport Signature Vinyl Cupola
    Jamesport Signature Cupola
    The Jamesport vinyl cupola can add instant beauty and excitement to your home or estate, and can fit the bill without breaking the bank. With its clean, simple lines and intricate design detail of linear offset...
  • Kingston Estate Series Vinyl Cupola
    Kingston Estate Series Cupola
    To add instant beauty and ventilation to your home, look no further than the Kingston Estate Series cupola, with its unique eight-sided base and elongated middle section featuring rows and rows of functional louvers. This...
  • Kingston Vinyl Gazebo Cupola
    Kingston Vinyl Gazebo Cupola
    The Kingston vinyl gazebo cupola is just the right size to crown your octagonal-shaped gazebo. Made of maintenance-free AZEK vinyl and a copper roof, the octagonal Kingston Estate Series gazebo cupola has...
  • Morton Select Series Vinyl Cupola
    Morton Select Series Cupola
    The Morton Select Series vinyl cupola is a perfect choice if you're looking to give your home more pizzaz without a lot of money, The Morton will add a lifetime of worry-free beauty and can also be used for ventilation...
  • Norwood Select Series Vinyl Cupola
    Norwood Select Series Cupola
    You won't find a more rugged or richly detailed cupola than the Norwood Select Series cupola. Handmade by three generations of Amish craftsmen, the Norwood features five miniature windows and symmetrical louvers on each...
  • Oxford Signature Cupola
    Oxford Signature Cupola
    The Oxford Signature Cupola by Ridge Craft is the ultimate in elegance and craftsmanship, with its octagonal design and louvered arches that make a dazzling statement on your rooftop. Royal Crowne Signature Cupolas are...
  • Pinnacle Estate Series Vinyl Cupola
    Pinnacle Estate Series Cupola
    Add a lifetime of curb appeal to your home with an exquisite Pinnacle Estate Series cupola. This white vinyl beauty is loaded with luxury features, including a unique octagonal shape and arched, louvered windows that are as...
  • Pinnacle Vinyl Gazebo Cupola
    Pinnacle Vinyl Gazebo Cupola
    The Pinnacle vinyl gazebo cupola is just the right size for putting on top of your octagonal shaped gazebo. Made of maintenance free AZEK vinyl and a copper roof, the octagonal Pinnacle Estate Series...
  • Plymouth Signature Cupola
    Plymouth Signature Cupola
    The Plymouth Signature Cupola offers the ultimate in detail and craftsmanship, with an octagonal base and intricate woodwork that includes picture-perfect arches, cornices and louvers. Your neighbors will wonder whether if...
  • Roxbury Estate Cupola
    Roxbury Estate Series Cupola
    For an elegant and unique addition to your home, the Roxbury Estate Series cupola can transform the most ordinary home into a castle worthy of a king. With its distinctive square shape, arched windows and...
  • Salisbury Estate Series Cupola
    Salisbury Estate Series Cupola
    Your home will be the envy of the neighborhood with an elegant Salisbury Estate Series cupola keeping watch from the rooftop. This rugged beauty is octagonal in shape, with large, arched windows that can be further enhanced...
  • Salisbury Vinyl Gazebo Cupola
    Salisbury Vinyl Gazebo Cupola
    The Salisbury vinyl gazebo cupola is just the right size to put on top of your octagonal-shaped gazebo. Made of maintenance-free AZEK vinyl and a copper roof, the octagonal Salisbury Estate Series gazebo...
  • Villa Estate Series Vinyl Cupola
    Villa Estate Series Cupola
    For an elegant and unique addition to your home, the Villa Estate Series cupola can transform the most modest home into a castle worthy of royalty. With its distinctive octagonal shape, arched windows and rounded copper...
  • Villa Vinyl Gazebo Cupola
    Villa Vinyl Gazebo Cupola
    The Villa vinyl gazebo cupola by Ridge Craft could be the cherry on top of your beautiful, octagonal-shaped gazebo. Made of maintenance-free AZEK vinyl and a dazzling copper roof, the octagonal Villa Estate Series...
  • Waterford Select Series Cupola
    Waterford Select Series Cupola
    For a perfect combination of elegance and function, the Waterford Select Series cupola is a notch above its competitors. It's got several miniature windows on each face and symmetrical louvers that can be used for...
  • Yarmouth Signature Cupola
    Yarmouth Signature Cupola
    The Yarmouth Signature Cupola is truly in a class of its own, with its distinctive octagonal shape and rich details that include French-style windows beneath intricate arches. The Royal Crowne Signature Cupolas by Ridge...

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