Options for Good Directions Standard Weathervanes  (select from drop-down menu on product page)

* 401AL Roof Mount:  This is an aluminum roof mount, painted black, that will adjust to almost every roof angle from flat to very steep roofs.   ( More Mounts are Available on the "Options" page)

*  11" Extension Rod:   (If you're mounting your weathervane on a cupola 30" or larger)  There's about 8-11" of rod below the bottom ball of the weathervane.  If you're installing the weathervane on a cupola with a 3/4" hole in the apex of the roof, you will need to order the optional extension rod (11" long) to reach the mounting bracket inside your cupola.  Most of our cupolas come standard with a 3/4" hole in the roof and a mounting bracket inside the cupola for the weathervane.   (If your cupola doesn't have a hole in the roof, you can mount your weathervane directly to the cupola's roof with the optional Roof Mount, or one of our other roof mounts.)