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Cupola on a garageCountry Weathervanes ™ cupolas are known for their beauty and fine construction.  We have partnered with Ridge Craft and Good Directions craftsmen to bring you the best cupolas for your home, barn, garage, gazebo or shed, and we guarantee the best prices.

You can choose from our large selection of cupola styles, making it easy to find one that fits your home's architecture.  Cupolas will either have glass windows, louvers or a combination of windows and louvers.

All of our cupolas come with free shipping.  That's an important thing to remember as you shop around.  Most other companies will charge you a huge shipping charge for delivering your cupola.  At Country Weathervanes, you won't pay any extra for shipping - no matter what size cupola you buy.

Cupolas come in three sections for easy installation (base, middle and roof), and are delivered with a complete installation guide.  Most of our cupolas will fit roofs up to a 10/12 "pitch".  Pitch is the measurement of how steep your roof is.  If you have a steeper roof, extensions are available on our Options page.  If you're thinking about adding a weathervane, most of cupolas are "weathervane ready" with a mounting bracket inside the cupola.

Find out what size cupola will fit your roof by going to Cupola Size Help

Vinyl Cupolas
Wood Cupolas

A cupola can add a whole new architectural dimension to your home. Whether you're building a new home or remodeling an existing home, adding a cupola can be an easy task for the Do-It-Yourselfer, although we recommend a professional roofing contractor as the best option, especially for our larger cupolas.

Louvered cupolas can be used for attic ventilation, but most people put a cupola on their roof just for it's decorative appeal.

If you want a cupola with windows, you can get clear glass, or different colors of stained glass (select models). You can also have an electrician install a light fixture in your cupola which looks really stunning at night. Cupola roofs can be flat, curved (pagoda), or "bell"-shaped, depending on the style, and can range from square, to multi-sided structures and gazebo shapes.

PLEASE NOTE Due to the high number of cupola orders we are receiving, cupola construction is running about 3 weeks before shipment.

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  • Alexander Signature Cupola
    Alexander Signature Cupola
    If you're looking to set your home apart from the rest, the elegant Alexander Signature Cupola by Ridge Craft is the perfect choice. The Signature series of cupolas stand out from the rest, stylish and functional and...
  • Bethany Estate Series Cupola
    Bethany Estate Series Cupola
    Make a simple but elegant statement atop your roof with this Bethany Estate Series cupola, handcrafted by three generations of Amish in Lancaster County, Pa. Complete with beautiful, airy windows on each side,...
  • Bethany Estate Series Cupola - Western Cedar
    Bethany Estate Series Cupola - Western Cedar
    The Estate Series cupolas with Western Cedar exterior.   Western Cedar cupolas don't need painting, but can be easily painted to complement any structure.   The Estate Series line of cupolas feature...
  • Carlisle Select Series Cupola
    Carlisle Select Series Cupola
    Announce your exquisite taste in architecture to the world with a Carlisle Select Series cupola, a beautiful addition to any home or garage with its airy windowed sides and gorgeous copper roof. This vinyl cupola is made...
  • Copper Dalton Estate Cupola
    Copper Dalton Estate Cupola
    Few materials can match the beauty and durability of pure copper, and now Royal Crowne has brought the brilliance of copper front and center with its Dalton Copper Estate Series cupola. They offer the same design features as...
  • Copper Kingston Estate Series Cupola
    Copper Kingston Estate Series Cupola
    The Kingston Copper Estate Series cupola is a dazzling addition to any home, its all-copper exterior shining brightly like a crown on the rooftop. The right cupola can transform an everyday house into something...
  • Copper Pinnacle Estate Series Cupola
    Copper Pinnacle Estate Series Cupola
    If you want a cupola that's truly unique, the Copper Pinnacle Estate Series is the cream of the crop, built almost entirely of copper for an ultra-luxurious addition to your home. Handmade by three generations of Amish...
  • Coventry Vinyl Cupola
    Coventry Vinyl Cupola
    Break up a boring roof line with this eye-catching Coventry Vinyl Cupola, a classic architectural piece that will transform any home into a castle. With its sparkling copper roof and symmetrical louvers in arched windows,...
  • Coventry Wood Cupola
    Coventry Wood Cupola
    Accent your home's architecture with a classic Coventry Wood Cupola, hand-crafted from the finest cypress and copper to make an impressive statement on your rooftop. With its beautiful louvered arches and dazzling copper...
  • Dalton Estate Series Cupola
    Dalton Estate Series Cupola
    Make your home the envy of the neighborhood with a beautiful Dalton Estate Series cupola, built with sturdy white vinyl exterior and dazzling copper roof that's sure to evoke plenty of "oohs" and "aahs" from the neighbors. ...
  • Dalton Estate Series Cupola - Western Cedar
    Dalton Estate Series Cupola - Western Cedar
    The Estate Series cupolas with Western Cedar exterior.   Western Cedar cupolas don't need painting, but can be easily painted to complement any structure.   The Estate Series line of cupolas feature...
  • Danbury Signature Cupola
    Danbury Signature Cupola
    Introducing the exciting line of Royal Crowne Signature Cupolas by Ridge Craft.  These cupolas are highly detailed in construction and craftsmanship.   The Signature cupolas were designed to meet those...
  • Dover Vinyl Cupola
    Dover Vinyl Cupola
    If you're tired of the same old dull roof line, add some instant pizazz to your house with the attractive Dover Vinyl Cupola. With its distinctive louvered windows, shiplap base and stunning copper roof, the Dover will put...
  • Dover Wood Cupola
    Dover Wood Cupola
    A Dover wood cupola is as beautiful as it is sturdy, manufactured from natural cypress and poised to make a lasting impression on your rooftop. With a stunning copper roof and shiplap base, this cupola will turn heads for...
  • Ellsworth Select Series Cupola
    Ellsworth Select Series Cupola
    For a distinctive look that's sure to turn heads, consider the Ellsworth Select Series cupola, with its dazzling white vinyl exterior and shiny copper roof that will transform your home into a modern-day castle. The...
  • Fairfield Signature Cupola
    Fairfield Signature Cupola
    You can't find a more elegant cupola than the Royal Crowne Signature line by Ridge Craft, and this Fairfield is the cream of the crop. With its rich architectural details and extraordinary attention to detail, this...
  • Farmington Vinyl Cupola
    Farmington Vinyl Cupola
    If you're looking for a quality cupola with impeccable attention to detail, look no further than the Farmington Vinyl Cupola. With its arched, louvered windows, intricate corner pieces and distinctive trim, this dome is an...
  • Greenfield Signature Cupola
    Greenfield Signature Cupola
    If you're looking for an elegant cupola that's both beautiful and functional, consider the Greenfield Signature Cupola by Royal Crowne and Ridge Craft, made by three generations of Amish craftsmen in Pennsylvania...
  • Guilford Vinyl Cupola
    Guilford Vinyl Cupola
    Few home improvements can make the same impact as a rooftop cupola, and this striking Guilford Vinyl cupola is the cream of the crop. It's got large, arched windows and a stunning copper top that will launch any home to...
  • Guilford Wood Cupola
    Guilford Wood Cupola
    Transform your home from mediocre to magnificent with a charming Guilford wood cupola from Good Directions. With its stunning copper roof, arched windows and shiplap base, the Guilford wood cupola will set your home apart...
  • Hamlin Select Series Cupola
    Hamlin Select Series Cupola
    For a simple yet elegant statement on your rooftop, the Hamlin Select Series cupola by Royal Crowne is sure to please both your exquisite tastes and your wallet. In addition to its symmetrical louvers, the structure is...
  • Huntington Vinyl Cupola
    Huntington Vinyl Cupola
    Add instant charm and curb appeal to your home with this striking Huntington Vinyl Cupola, built from an innovative material that's even more durable and rugged than natural wood.  With its large, airy windows and...
  • Huntington Wood Cupola
    Huntington Wood Cupola
    If your home is your castle, why not adorn it with the regal flourish of a Huntington wood cupola, made from natural cypress wood and capped with a thick layer of luxurious copper? Your home will be the envy of the...
  • Jamesport Signature Cupola
    Jamesport Signature Cupola
    The right cupola can add instant beauty and excitement to your home or estate, and the Jamesport Signature Cupola by Ridge Craft fits the bill without breaking the bank. With its clean, simple lines and intricate...
  • Kent Vinyl Cupola (Wood Roof)
    Kent Vinyl Cupola - Wood Roof
    For a budget-priced cupola with an expensive look, the louvered Kent Vinyl Cupola is a winner in both categories. Its timeless styling fits perfectly with any architecture, and the wooden roof is ready for shingles to...
  • Kent Wood Cupola (Wood Roof)
    Kent Wood Cupola - Wood Roof
    There are few improvements you can make to your house that add more value than their initial cost, but the Kent wood cupola from Good Directions is one of them. With its symmetrical louvers and classic New England styling,...

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