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Cupola on a garageCountry Weathervanes ™ cupolas are known for their beauty and fine construction.  We have partnered with Ridge Craft and Good Dierctions craftsmen to bring you the best cupolas for your home, barn, garage or shed, and we guarantee the best prices.

You can choose from our large selection of cupola styles, making it easy to find one that fits your home's architecture.  Cupolas will either have glass windows, louvers or a combination of windows and louvers.

All of our cupolas have free shipping.  That's an important thing to remember as you shop around.  Most other companies will charge you a huge shipping charge for delivering your cupola.  At Country Weathervanes, you won't pay any extra for shipping - no matter what size cupola you buy.

Cupolas come in three sections for easy installation (base, middle and roof), and are delivered with a complete installation guide.  Most of our cupolas will fit roofs up to a 10/12 "pitch".  Pitch is the measurement of how steep your roof is.  If you have a steeper roof, extensions are available on our Options page.  If you're thinking about adding a weathervane, most of cupolas are "weathervane ready" with a mounting bracket inside the cupola.

Find out what size cupola will fit your roof by going to Cupola Size Help

Vinyl Cupolas
Wood Cupolas

A cupola can add a whole new architectural dimension to your home. Whether you're building a new home or remodeling an existing home, adding a cupola can be an easy task for the Do-It-Yourselfer, although we recommend a professional roofing contractor as the best option, especially for our larger cupolas.

Louvered cupolas can be used for attic ventilation, but most people put a cupola on their roof just for it's decorative appeal.

If you want a cupola with windows, you can get clear glass, or different colors of stained glass (select models). You can also have an electrician install a light fixture in your cupola which looks really stunning at night. Cupola roofs can be flat, curved (pagoda), or "bell"-shaped, depending on the style. Cupola styles can range from square, to multi-sided structures and gazebo shapes.

PLEASE NOTE Due to the high number of cupola orders we are receiving, cupola construction is running about 3 weeks before shipment.